Agility Intelligent Organization

By automating and streamlining financial, supply chain, and customer relationship processes, Microsoft Dynamics AX brings people, information, and processes together to increase productivity and effectiveness for manufacturing businesses

We serve our customers around Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Operations to enable organizations to adapt to the digital economy, integrating with Artificial intelligent to develop the self-learning process maturity models to grow faster.

Wiredsoft has helped organizations focusing sector specific solutions to leverage benefits for an Intelligent Enterprise using Microsoft certified solutions and technology offerings.

The real benefits achieved single platform with common and standard functions with best practices.

Develop a location-agnostic solution, which the customer was able to easily leverage across all manufacturing location that it was operating in.


Wiredsoft's products and services are aligned to optimize the operations of manufacturing organizations to help them increase throughput, asset lifecycle and reduce operational wastes to obtain better profitability and provide a real-time decision making platform to all stakeholders.