Genesis ERP - Manufacturing Industries

Genesis ERP manufacturing software offers ERP functionality that can be custom tailored to the scale of the enterprise. It also offers a modular system and additional modules can be added later as the company grows. Genesis ERP has the Standard Feature such as sales and purchase management, inventory control, quality control and production Planning.

The platform has improved its user interface and has multiple visual tools to connect master data throughout an enterprise. It also has a unified system for mixed-mode manufacturing, another important consideration for smaller manufacturers looking to optimize and track their production processes

Module Coverage

Accounting & Financial Management

Fast transactions and improved visibility into cash flow, by integration of financial operation with real time business processes, such as purchase and sales.

Sales & Opportunity Management

Genesis ERP enables users to efficiently manage the entire sales process and customer lifecycle – from initial contact to final sale. Increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Genesis ERP tools helps in efficiently manage the inventory and parts to satisfy the requirements of the production processes

Quality Control

Enhance customer satisfaction, deliver superior products and increase profitability by improving inventory optimization, waste management and shop floor data collection.

Production Management

Automate production processes and eliminate complexities to maximize business productivity and Improve execution by tracking, recording, and controlling your supply chain and manufacturing processes.

Supply Chain Management

Increased product introductions and Effective supply chain management enables on-time and in-full delivery of order fulfilment.

Purchasing & Procurement

A systematic approach to managing the procurement process, the complete order-to-pay cycle. Compare suppliers and prices to negotiate better deals and identify opportunities.

Services Management

Respond quickly and efficiently to customer queries and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.


Track products and components right through the supply chain from Production to distribution.