Engineering and Construction

The on-going urbanization and infrastructure expansion in developing markets has fuelled the growth in demand for various Information technology needs in this segment.

Engineering & Infrastructure industry to look at technology as an enabler to bring efficiencies and meet customer's expectations. Wiredsoft understands these challenges and help the organizations to meet the expectations by providing the cross vertical solutions. Our domain specific solutions around Integrated Project Management can help you lower your risks while ensuring better cost control and improved margins.

Organizations need of completing your programs on time and within budget. With the increasing complexity of today's projects, the vast array of players involved, and tight capital budgets, this is becoming more difficult. The need of set of capital program management solutions that will help you plan the right projects, coordinate contractors, maintain customer relations, maintain visibility, keep tagging costs and provide faster inputs to any decisions.

Wiredsoft's capability to design solutions on available standard products for architecture, engineering, and construction enable owners to make real-time, informed decisions on the projects that affect their business.Whether managing capital facilities budgets, contractors, resource and risks.

Our solutions has successfully delivered the value to the organizations we have associations

Our Target Areas

  • Improved average project margin
  • Overcome unexpected project cost over-runs
  • Maximized labour and equipment productivity
  • Accelerated processing and monetization of project scope changes