Optimising CRM with Marketing Automation

The world is moving towards automation in every aspect of day-to-day life process. We are somewhat lacking in automating the market and businesses.

Marketing tools can boost the CRM process which helps in business growth. Market automation (MA) tool can automate the CRM processes like marketing campaigns and routine marketing tasks with increased efficiency.Market automation cannot replace CRM but it can be integrated with your current CRM solution. MA tools begin their process by mapping the fields of CRM solution. Some vendors offer MA tools as an extension to CRM Solution. 

The technology used in integration between CRM and Market automation by providing access to the databases by the use of desired Application Programming Interfaces (API). APIs will allow the MA tool to use the services of CRM solution.

Some common benefits of an integrated system- 

  • Better quality lead delivery - MA tools can deliver higher quality leads to sales without processing through complicated manual workflows. It can also provide templates for simple jobs and a customizable interface.     
  • Extended visibility in both directions - This extends in both sales and market, for sale which means access to the lead intelligence which can be in form of firmographics, business objective etc. From market aspect, MA can enhance visibility towards the closed loop, reporting to track leads trough the conversion process.
  • Marketing and Sales Alignment - MA can also help integrate your marketing and sales departments by aligning teams around hard data. It helps your sales and marketing teams better understand the interconnectivity of their roles.  

Market automation are so diverse in nature that it must be inquired carefully about the offerings and automation features. But they can be instrumental in bridging the gap between marketing and sales & be a great way to increase lead quality and conversion rates.It requires the tight integration compatibility of CRM and MA tools. 


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