Application Service Provider (ASP) is role in GST

An ASP in the GST system will be acting as a connecting bridge between the ultimate tax payer and the GSP. An ASP will collect raw data from the core/end user and process it in a way that the raw data becomes useful information.

The ASP provides enriched APIs like bulk uploading of invoices or raw data in .csv/.xls format, visualization and analysis on provided data (e.g. via  dashboard), offers conversion of invoice data into various format, communicates with GST System via the GSP and offers value added services to the tax payer.

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Optimising CRM with Marketing Automation

The world is moving towards automation in every aspect of day-to-day life process. We are somewhat lacking in automating the market and businesses.

Marketing tools can boost the CRM process which helps in business growth. Market automation (MA) tool can automate the CRM processes like marketing campaigns and routine marketing tasks with increased efficiency.Market automation cannot replace CRM but it can be integrated with your current CRM solution. MA tools begin their process by mapping the fields of CRM solution. Some vendors offer MA tools as an extension to CRM Solution. 

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Challenges of logistics

With huge technological advancements, logistics is one of most untapped industry, especially when it comes to management solutions.According to latest surveys done by Mckinsey, the logistics cost in India is 13 to 15 % of the actual cost of the product, while the global average cost is 6%, the wastages caused by inefficient logistics is equal to 4.3 % of the GDP, and, if not corrected, will increase to 5% of GDP or $100 billion by 2020.

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