BLOCKCHAIN: the next big thing?

What exactly does this technology buzzword Blockchain mean? Blockchain is not a use case of the Internet but as simple as it sounds it can be algorithmically challenging and has the potential to disrupt and bring a revolution in the world of technology and everything around.

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Tableau and Salesforce: A Match Made in Marketing Heaven

What does one of the most popular business intelligence tools on the market, Tableau, have in common with one of the hottest CRM platforms around? That’s right—they make a great couple. If you’re using Salesforce for your CRM but haven’t integrated it with Tableau yet, then you’re missing out on some major marketing opportunities and analytical possibilities. Learn how this partnership can work in your favor and provide you with new insights into your customer base and more effective strategies to help your business grow.

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Top 10 Mobile Apps in Healthcare

Healthcare has become an important aspect of our lives, but it’s also an industry that can be incredibly difficult to navigate. Patients are looking for quick access to the information they need, while providers want to make sure they’re doing everything they can to help their patients succeed in staying healthy. Healthcare apps are changing the industry by making it easier than ever to obtain information and quickly connect with healthcare professionals and services on your own terms. Here are the top 10 healthcare apps that can improve your life today and tomorrow!

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